Name: Sven Seeberg-Elverfeldt

E-Mail: sven (at) sven-seeberg (dot) de




Long ID: 0x29559DD5A83806B5

Fingerprint: D04E 3120 10F9 FA84 7EF9 5761 2955 9DD5 A838 06B5

Public Key

About me

My interests are computers, astronomy and technology. I’m a member of the observatory in Regensburg and founder member of both and CampusAsyl.

Currently I’m working at SUSE Linux and I’m volunteering for the Integreat App team.

About this page

Some of my photos/images are licensed with CC BY-SA 3.0. The affected images are marked. Previously, I licensed some images with CC BY-NC 3.0. These are now available with both licenses.

The content of this site was in german until 2014. Therefore older blog entries still exist in german.