Name: Sven Seeberg-Elverfeldt

E-Mail: mail (at) sven-seeberg (dot) de




Long ID: 0x29559DD5A83806B5

Fingerprint: D04E 3120 10F9 FA84 7EF9 5761 2955 9DD5 A838 06B5

Public Key

About me

My interests are science and technology, and more specifically computers and astronomy. I’m a member of the observatory in Regensburg and founder member of both and CampusAsyl.

Currently I’m working at SUSE Linux and I’m volunteering for the Integreat App team.

In the past I worked as a freelance programmer and as a data analyst for Continental AG.

About this page

Some of my photos/images are licensed with CC BY-SA 3.0. The affected images are marked. Previously, I licensed some images with CC BY-NC 3.0. These are now available with both licenses.

The content of this site was in german until 2014. Therefore older blog entries still exist in german.